Why do we set up Pensión?

Today, people’s greatest financial concern is no longer paying their short-term bills or credit-card debt. According to a recent study by Zurich Insurance Group and the University of Oxford, ‘retirement security is the top financial worry’ for workers in 14 out of 16 countries. In the U.S., half of the household members aged 55 and above have zero account balance in their pension pots, whereas the lack of retirement savings is even worse in most developing regions, where high shares of low-income and informally employed groups make it even tougher to save.

A lack of retirement savings has turned out to be a global phenomenon, however, most academic and grey literature studies cover the design of pension systems in the context of specific countries or for selected topics. While thanks to the international pension centers under academic institutions and regulatory bodies, important findings on pension systems have been produced, most research institutions/centers tend to focus on pension systems in selected countries.

In this context, Pensión Research & Consulting was established in 2021 to focus on academic and industry projects and collaborations on pension systems with companies, international research institutions and centers. Our team and advisory board members from different parts of the world have areas of expertise in behavioral economics, quantitative finance, and pension policy, which make our group not only international but also interdisciplinary and open to innovative ways to look at pension systems.



Our mission is to build today’s world pension map through high-quality research and consulting projects, international collaborations, and knowledge sharing via events, publications, and networking activities.

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