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1st Annual Pensión Conference

1st Annual Pensión Conference

1st Annual Pensión Conference

Welcome to the “1st Annual Pensión Conference” with the theme of ‘Building Gold Standard for Private Pensions’. At this conference, we will welcome top academics, industry leaders, and regulators to discuss the optimal design of private pension systems. 

This one-day online conference will comprise in-depth sessions featuring inspiring keynotes and practical presentations. We will address the optimal design of mandatory and auto-enrollment pension systems, improving the performance of default funds, behavioral and technological tools to promote pension savings, ESG factors in pension system design, and decumulation phase products in retirement planning. 

There will be participants from different regions of the world, including academics, government authorities, officials of international organizations, pension experts, actuaries, and other personalities from research institutions as well as financial institutions.

Registration is free of charge and you can register from the link here (limited seats are available).





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PFR Portal PPK sp. z o. o. is the statutory operator of the information portal and acts as a knowledge and competence center in the Employee Capital Plans (PPK) social programme.

Pursuant to the PPK Act, the first companies (employing at least 250 people as of December 31, 2018) started creating PPK for their employees from July 1, 2019. From January 1, 2021, this obligation covered the fourth phase of the program: public finance sector entities and all those companies that did not enter the PPK in the earlier stages.



VITALIS is an actuarial consultancy company with 29 years of experience and one of the ten biggest independent investment advisors in Mexico (with audited returns). It has more than 900 clients and has impacted more than 600 thousand workers through pension plans, funds, and savings.

Their mission is to provide their employees with the opportunity of a decent retirement, reduce costs through the use of technology, and invest their pension funds with outstanding returns. 



Smart Pension is a global savings and investments technology platform provider. Its mission is to transform retirement, savings and financial well-being around the world. Smart partners with governments and financial institutions (including insurers, asset managers, banks, financial advisers) to deliver retirement savings and income solutions that are digital, bespoke and cost efficient. In addition to the UK, Smart is operating in the USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East with close to a million savers entrusting over £4 billion in assets on the platform.

Smart supports its clients with a 750 strong global team. Chrysalis Investments joins Legal & General, J.P. Morgan, the Link Group, Barclays and Natixis Investment Managers, the strategic investors to date in Smart.



Tumelo’s mission is to support impactful stewardship through technology. Their technology allows fund managers and investment platforms to provide expression of wish and pass-through voting functionality to their clients, empowering asset owners to engage with their voting rights and providing them with the tools and knowledge to steward their assets effectively.



Capita Pension Solutions is one of the UK’s leading pension firms. They partner with clients to provide an unrivalled breadth of services across Pension Administration, Data Solutions, Software, and Consulting. They have been looking after people's pensions for nearly 50 years, across pension schemes of all shapes and sizes. Their broad range of services means they are perfectly positioned to support employers, whatever their challenge. Their teams use their experience, insight, expertise, and the latest technology, to deliver personalised end to end solutions to meet all their clients’ pension needs.  



The Pension Monitoring Center (“PMC”) was established in 2003 pursuant to The Private Pension Savings And Investment System Law enacted in the same year. The Board of Directors of PMC is composed of top managers from the policy-making ministry and the regulatory & supervisory authority and the CEOs of all pension companies.

The said law defines the PMC’s mission as “ensuring the safe and effective operation of the private pension system and protecting participants' rights and interests”. Within this context, PMC collects real-time online data regarding all transactions, investments, and accounts so as to closely monitor the market. PMC submits reports on systemic risks and market compliance & conduct to the relevant public authorities. In addition, PMC helps the regulatory and supervisory authorities generate policies and improve the quality of pension regulations. Moreover, PMC carries out operations of state contributions. PMC also provides digital services for the stakeholders.  


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FIAP is a meeting place for the interchange of experiences between the countries that have adopted pension systems based on private management of individually funded savings accounts, providing information and backing for the improvement of their systems. The Associations of 11 different countries are currently part of FIAP and contribute to the improvement of the systems and the consolidation of the funded system in their respective countries. Moreover, since 2005, FIAP has incorporated 12 mutual funds as collaborating members. Their presence reinforces FIAP’s work.


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F4L Academy is a trusted provider of certifications, workshops, and online training in Financial Longevity and Longevity Literacy for leaders and organizations. They are the world’s leading online independent network of financial longevity leaders in the private and public sectors.

Following the United Nations'  Decade of Healthy Ageing and the Sustainable Development Goals, their mission is to help organizations be well-prepared for the trends of aging and longevity while protecting the rights of older people, improving their quality of life, and increasing their financial resilience.




We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers, Prof. David Laibson (Faculty Dean and Professor of Economics at Harvard University) and Prof. Roel Beetsma (Dean and Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of Amsterdam), for the 1st Annual Pensión Conference.



You can find the complete list of speakers here.




You can find the conference agenda and speakers' biographies here.